Awesome Quilting



Awesome Quilting’s mission is to provide professional machine quilting services for those who don’t have the time or don’t want to quilt their tops themselves. Whether this is your first quilt top, or you are making quilts for show, we are prepared to help. All quilting is done on my Prodigy Quilting Machine. This machine makes the most even stitches I have found on a quilting machine.

To calculate the cost of the service, multiply the width times the length of the quilt, then multiply that number by the charge per square inch. For example, if your quilt top measures 68 x 90, multiply 68 times 90, which is 6120. If you want meandering or a pantograph, multiply this number by .01. The charge for this quilt would be $61.20.

Basting service for hand quilters - $0.0025 per square inch for horizontal and vertical basting at 3" intervals.

There are hundreds of designs available – leaves, flowers, swirls, feathers, themes, loops, stars, bubbles, hearts, geometric patterns and customized designs.

Overall pantograph quilting - $0.01 per square inch (multiply the width times the length of your quilt top).

Overall meandering - $0.01 per square inch.

Stippling or background fillers - $0.02 per square inch.

Outlining appliqués, stitch in the ditch, ruler work, or custom designs on individual areas of the quilt - $0.03 to $0.05 per square inch, depending on the density and complexity of the design.

Other services such as pressing, clipping threads, mending seams, preparing backing - $10.00 per hour (we can discuss an estimate prior to agreeing to the work).

Binding - $0.10 per linear inch. To calculate the estimate, measure all around the edges of your quilt. Allow approximately 20 extra inches for mitering corners and overlapping final seam. Then multiply that number by $0.10. This price includes sewing the already prepared binding by machine to the front of the quilt. You sew the binding to the back.

We can provide batting and backing. Call for current prices. If you want to provide the batting and backing, we require that you use a high quality brand of batting and fabric for the backing. We do not quilt using sheets for backing, because the result is skipped stitches or broken needles.

We will provide thread. We use only the best quality Superior threads. You may select the color and weight thread depending on whether you want the stitching to stand out or blend in.

Payment is due upon pickup or prior to return shipping. We accept cash and personal checks.

Please call for an appointment or quote.

Prices and information subject to change without notice.