Awesome Quilting


Press your quilt top and backing well.

Clip any stray threads from the back of the quilt top to reduce the chance of their showing through on the front.

Be sure there is no extra fullness in the borders or the edges of the quilt. To prevent fullness in borders, measure the width or the length in the center of the quilt, not on the edges. Cut the borders to these measurements. Pin evenly to the edge of the quilt and ease any fullness. Sew with the quilt top on the bottom, or use a walking foot.

Don’t baste or pin the quilt layers together. This will have to be removed before loading the quilt onto the machine.

Backing and batting must be at least 3 inches longer and 3 inches wider that the quilt top ON ALL SIDES (total of 6 inches).

Be sure to square and trim evenly both the quilt top and backing to insure a square and flat quilt.

If the quilt and/or backing are directional, please place a safety pin at the top of each.

If shipping, carefully fold all layers, seal in a plastic bag in case the package gets wet, and pack in a sturdy shipping box.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.